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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January man of the month

I am still trying and met another Mr. Wrong. If anyone is looking for him, I know where he is and I can tell you where to find them. I think I have a wrong magnet or something.
No, this guy is a nice guy. Very ordinary on the surface, but a real southern Bubba kind of guy. He spends ALL of his spare time fishing, hunting, 4wheeling, motorcycle riding, camping, and going to Nascar races. Woohoo, what fun! Especially since he does this with his 2 cousins, I'll call them Ed and Fred, since I can't remember their names. Ed and Fred have wives, for the moment. Those wives are totally ignored. Ed and Fred spend all their non-working time out playing with Bubba-B. When they are not out running around together, they are on the phone texting or talking to each other. These are guys in their late 40s. Is this normal? My ex used to like to hang with the boys all the time. It's like I told my ex, you ignore us long enough and we will learn to live without you and like it. Bye Bubba-B, it's been real.