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Saturday, March 21, 2009

sick magnet

Something about being a nurse attracts sick guys. At least in my age bracket. Let's see...I've had dates with triple bypasses, end stage copd, kidney/liver disease, and various other recovering surgeries. I did not meet any of these guys at work. Truthfully, we met online. But I'm wondering if while they were in the hospital they had fantasized about their nurses and then carried that fantasy to moi. Most of them do not fess up to their health problems until after I have met them and inquired about their sob (for those non nursey types I mean shortness of breath), or various skin coloring such as pale gray, bright pink, or dreaded the yellow cast. Maybe someone with a medical background just doesn't notice those kind of things. I'll admit it. I'm an obsessive assessor. I'll see people out and about and notice, oh that one can't breathe good he looks like COPD, or that one is all puffy heart problems?, or that one appears to be drinker - noticing the ascites or yellow cast to skin. Has nursing ruined my innocence or saved my ass from trouble?

New Orleans Dirty Rice, Chicken N Dumplins

mmmm I've been doing some fine cooking lately.
I made New Orleans style dirty rice last week. I'd made a citified version of it before, using mushrooms and pieces of white meat chicken instead of chicken livers. Man you don't know good dirty rice until you made it with chicken livers. I've had a cold so I made chicken and dumplings yesterday and mmmmmm still working on that pot.

Dirty Rice
4 cups lower sodium beef broth
1 t salt
4 bay leaves
2 cups uncooked long grain white rice
1/3 cup plain flour
1/3 cup canola oil
2 large onions - chopped
1 large green bell pepper - chopped
2 stalks celery -chopped
6 garlic cloves - minced
20 oz chicken livers - chopped
3 t dried thyme leaves
1 t cayenne pepper
1/2 cup minced parsley

Bring broth, salt, bay leaves to boil in large pan. Stir in rice, cover and let
simmer on low for 20 mins. Remove bay leaves.
In heavy (I use my cast iron) dutch oven, mix oil and flour. Cook, stirring often, over medium heat about 5 mins until roux is dark brown. Add onions, pepper, celery, and garlic and cook another 10 minutes. Add the livers, thyme, red pepper and cook about 10 more minutes until livers are pink, stir often. Add rice mixture & parsley to the roux/liver mixture. Makes about 12 servings. mmmmmmmm I garontee, Justin Wilson would approve.

This one is real easy
Chicken N Dumplins
2 - 32 oz boxes of chicken broth
1 pound chicken white or dark, chopped
6 carrotts finely chopped
1 large onion finely chopped
4 stalks celery finely chopped
3 T parsley
4 cans (cheap works good) canned buttermilk biscuits
2 T canola oil
2 t minced garlic

In heavy large pot, Saute chicken oil. Add onions, carrotts, celery, garlic and saute until vegs are cooked. Add chicken broth bring to boil. Simmer about 10 mins. Turn heat down to medium low. Pinch off small bits of biscuit dough and throw them into the simmering pot. Continue through all the canned biscuits (this takes a little while but still easier than making your own dough). Try not to stir the dumplins much. let them simmer about 10 more minutes. Season with parsley and salt and pepper to taste. Allow it to sit a few minutes before serving. Yumm, best tasting cure for a cold.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

2nd verse - same ole shit

Funny how guys kind of circle back around and come back to me. Guess I should probably tell them off somewhere other than my blog, cause they seem to think I want to see them again.
Lets see, Liarliar is back, trying to profess his love for me. Yeah, he actually said he loves me and wants to marry me. No, I haven't seen him, just talked to him a few times. He's trying to worm his way back into my good graces. I haven't seen him in over a year. My guess is that he's horny. I might consider taking him up on that item as things have been kinda dry lately. He might be a liar but he was uh well endowed and good in that department. But he usually steps all over my heart whenever he's around, so I probably won't go for it. No O for me...SIGH

Also, older Motorcycle dude, a real nice guy that bored me to tears, who I dated last summer woke me up banging on my door last week. His idea of fun was watching the news. I might have been able to do something about the boring but his idea of good sex lasted less than 5 minutes. I wasn't even warmed up at that point. I even thought about getting out my vibrator after sex with him just to give him a hint that he just wasn't doing it for me. It's sad but his motorcycle did more for me down there than he did.

Then, believe it or not, tha shithead sent me an email wondering how I am doing. Guess the "one" he found, ain't really the "one" after all.

Oh dear, guess I'm not the only one looking for love in all the wrong places.