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Saturday, March 21, 2009

sick magnet

Something about being a nurse attracts sick guys. At least in my age bracket. Let's see...I've had dates with triple bypasses, end stage copd, kidney/liver disease, and various other recovering surgeries. I did not meet any of these guys at work. Truthfully, we met online. But I'm wondering if while they were in the hospital they had fantasized about their nurses and then carried that fantasy to moi. Most of them do not fess up to their health problems until after I have met them and inquired about their sob (for those non nursey types I mean shortness of breath), or various skin coloring such as pale gray, bright pink, or dreaded the yellow cast. Maybe someone with a medical background just doesn't notice those kind of things. I'll admit it. I'm an obsessive assessor. I'll see people out and about and notice, oh that one can't breathe good he looks like COPD, or that one is all puffy heart problems?, or that one appears to be drinker - noticing the ascites or yellow cast to skin. Has nursing ruined my innocence or saved my ass from trouble?

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