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Friday, July 24, 2009


Thinking about getting some chickens. They'd be great for making on the spot fertilizer for my garden. haha can't imagine what my island neighbors would think of me having a chicken coop. I'm sure a rooster would be prohibited or shot on the spot. I couldn't let them run loose in the yard. My dogs would be chasin' chickens every time I let them out. Not to mention my he would be thinking, mmmm chicken....I'll just dine in tonight.
I had chickens once. I had some red ones, a black one, a red rooster and a little bantam speckled chicken. It cost us more to feed them than it cost to buy eggs but we had a great garden. Some local folks have started a chicken club on facebook. In it they talked about what vets you could take your chicken to and how to humanely euthanize a chicken. They'd freak if they saw my grandma wring ones neck or chop its head off and watch it go running down the yard before it fell over.

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